Spiritual guidance to  Enlightenment, a short path:


Would you like Enlightening, be less “heavy” in life?

I invite you to “Experience”  absolutely the finest happening in your life, THAT why we are here on earth,
THE Enlightening.

No need to “suffer” to been able to live “Jesus or Buddha” CONSCIOUSNESS, to experience “THE” Enlightening.
THAT for which Jesus came here on earth!

Jesus came to wake us UP !
Anyone hardly understood this.

The message of Jesus was not “you must suffer!”
No! His ultimate message on the cross while they pierced the spear into his heart was:
“Forgive them, they do not know what they do”. In other words, they live totally UNCONSCIOUS.

It is not because we exercise years after years, study and study again, endless litanies, writings,
beliefs to learn out of head and to know, chants and rituals and repeat every day over that will make us “Enlightened”, not at all ! Or would make us lighter of bring “Light” inside of us.
Or by following leaders, sometimes overly emotional  in groups of people who get lost in fancies, imaginations, images, idols, hallucinations, by creating images in their “thoughts”.
Or worship angels, fairies, stars, planets, creatures, ghosts, institutions, etc …and still they are not “Enlightened”.

Finally, staring at a door that remains closed and be blind and deaf.

Our short path to “Enlightenment” is a Concrete and Objective way ….
THIS via the only true Universenergie TM – transcendental meditation, “The” transition to….

I went through the gate, automatically, naturally I have the “gift” to lead others through the gate ….
The road is so simple that it is not credible for those who doubt, who make “IT”  implausible, the ignorant (= indifferent), the unconscious one, making “IT” complex, while “IT” is very simple and normal.
One only can Experience “IT” , not “know”.
Not through drugs, or perhaps but this road is dangerous!

Especially not through DMT or hypnosis or other manipulations within the brain.
ALL these actions make that people hover, step out of their body(very bad), thereby hallucinations, delusions, representations of, inter alia, creatures, imaginary angels, or moving ghosts, devils and demons etc ..
These are ALL imaginations  who in “essence” does not exist! And human is totally misleading which occurs Psychosis
many murders, exclusions, and wars on our Paradise.
Only those who are “Enlightened” have the possibility to show a way to THE Enlightening, to past the gate.
You can help the whole world to “WAKE UP” but first you have to BE AWAKEN !
Any form of Spiritual training, teaching, by people which are not Enlightened is misleading.
We constantly come back on earth until we are AWAKEN.
Our guidance to THE Enlightening  is without manipulation, without bonds within a group, sect, religion or anything else, without judgments or convictions, without laws, duties or obligations, without compulsions, without illusions, delusions, imaginations, hallucinations.
The more you are FREE, the better for you personal ENLIGHTENING in connection with everyone and everything around you.
Come and follow our Universenergie TM.
The only real one !

I went through the gate, automatically and natural I have the “gift” to lead others through the gate ….
I OPEN the gate, it’s up to you to enter !

Info for participation: i.p@telenet